LJ Idol Week Zero: Coming Around Again

I've been hosting a Carly Simon earworm for a week now. You put it there, snaked it in while I was paying attention to your half-cocked smile, that gap in your teeth, the feel of your hair in my fingers. That you weren't physically present at the time is of no consequence: my mind's eyes and fingers were occupied by you as your message massaged in the small wriggling creature that won't let go days later.


This is the power of a word, a thought, a whisper of an idea unlocking memory. This is what I love about Idol--the way a word or two can unlock a whole world of me that begs to be put on the page. Almost better than sex.

Bring it on, Gary. I'm ready.

This was written in response to the Week Zero prompt at therealljidol.
Archer Lana BW Gun

LJ Idol, Season 9, Week 8: Yes, and

and he went into the sea, to the deep mother-water to breathe again. Safe, now, he thought, and the cooling waves lapped over the toes he dangled Over the boat's side. Port? Yes

and the drink was smooth as it burned down her throat. She didn't know why it tasted so good, this burning, but it poured in freedom. She couldn't remember the last time anything tasted so good. The phone rang, a jangling caw, and she answered, impatient. "Yes?"

and he waited until he was absolutely certain that the night would take him into her arms, until the sea was ready for him, cool and calm and alllovelybreathingliquidair. He exhaled. "Yes"

and the phone fell down and she went to her knees and have thanks that this burden was lifted. "Port side," she smirked and filled the glass again.