fourzoas (fourzoas) wrote,

LJ Idol, Season 9, Week 6: step on a crack

I am high gloss,
candy-colored lips and
nails. Glassy-eyed and eager, you
slide your fingers over
skin’s sleek surfaces, smooth
even where only you could know.
They slip along softly—
thumbs, tongues,
things tense and teste.

You know my fissure, pressure me
unto partition. You fracture my
solid, wrapping yourself in my
fragments until friction
makes fusion
makes fire.

This is how we love.

Fire loosens when it cools,
making us strange. We gather
fragments, fingers fusing us
into a
me. Separate,
we press away the fissures,
thumbs and tongues,
all tense and testy,
slipping a self softly,
together. I smooth where
you don’t see. I sleek the
surface, sliding glass from
my eyes, candy-coating nails and
lips, glossing over.

I am high.

This entry was written in response to the Week 6 prompt at therealljidol. Thank you for reading.
Tags: meme: lj idol

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